“While history has been unkind with Pakistan, its geography has been its greatest benefit.”

Pakistan is located at a region which has great political, economic and strategic location.


  1.     Location: Southern Asia lies between 24 and 36.75 northern latitude and between 61 and 7505 eastern longitude. Area: 7,96000
  2.     Towards north apart from the state of Kashmir is china. It shares 400 km long border with china.
  3.     Towards north Tajikistan though no boarder but a narrow strip as Wahkhan strip separate the two.


  •     Towards east, Punjab-Rajasthan boarders which is 1650 km long
  •     Towards west, Afghanistan and Durand line of 2250 km.
  •     Towards south, Arabian and Indian sea. Coastal belt is about 700 km.

Proximity to great powers such as China & Russia, proximity to central Asia & oil rich Middle East countries are few points that signify the importance of Pakistan`s Geo-strategic location. RINP`s programme will focus on recommending strategies to policy makers & decision makers on how the geo strategic location can help in development & management of natural resources of Pakistan.